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Muay Thai Training - The Best Muay Thai Gyms & Camps in Northern Thailand

Updated: Apr 7

Northern Thailand is a region of Thailand known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, unique local cuisine, and its thriving Muay Thai scene. This part of the country is bordered by Myanmar and Laos to the north, and the Central Plains region to the south. The region is known for its lush green hills, terraced rice fields, and picturesque mountain landscapes.

North Thailand Muay Thai gyms and Camps
Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gyms

The largest city in northern Thailand is Chiang Mai, which is often referred to as the cultural capital of Thailand, as well as a popular hub for Muay Thai training. Chiang Mai is home to ancient temples, stunning architecture, and local markets where visitors can sample some of the region's unique dishes and handicrafts. The city is also home to several world-renowned Muay Thai gyms, where fighters from all over the world come to train and compete.

Go for a drive around the walled city of Chiang Mai with Muay Thai Fever.

Another major city in the region is Chiang Rai, which is famous for its stunning landscapes, including the famous White Temple, and a growing Muay Thai scene.

Northern Thailand is also known for its vibrant festivals, including the famous Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai, where thousands of lanterns are released into the sky, creating a magical display of light.

In addition to its cultural offerings and natural beauty, Northern Thailand is a popular destination for Muay Thai enthusiasts, with several gyms and training centers offering world-class coaching and facilities, making it an unforgettable destination for travellers from around the world.

Below is some information from gyms in 5 different northern city's, it is by no mans an exclusive list, there are lots of other great gyms in northern Thailand, in fact you would be hard pushed to find a bad gym up north.

The author of this blog has been living and training Muay Thai in Northern Thailand for 30 years.

NOTE: I have quoted all prices in Thai Baht as the Thai price will be fixed but the currency rates change. At the time of writing it is 35 Thai Baht to 1 USD / 38 Thai Baht to 1Euro.

Muay Thai Fever Gym - Almag Sports Complex, Suthep District.

Muay Thai Fever is the stand out gym in Chiang Mai. The faclity is second to none and set perfectly between The City and The mountains. There is a beautiful off road running track next to the gym and an astro turf football pitch right outside the gym to warm up on. They have a beautiful full size ring, double matting on the floor area and a conditioning zone with weights and conditioning equipment.

The Chief coach here is Kru Nai who is a very diligent coach and insists on teaching real Muay Thai and not going through the motions whoever the student is.

Ajarn Burklerk Pinsinchai is a part time coach here and he is known as one of the most senior coaches in the world.

We one of the very few gyms in Thailand to have coaches certified in A License from the Boxing Board and both WMC Professional Instructor and IFMA amateur Instructor.

If you are in Chiang Mai you really should consider Muay Thai Fever as a serious option.

they do package deals, accommodation and training for 499 USD a month.

Best For: All levels, family vibe, Traditional Muay Thai and good for existing coaches / fighters who want to learn new skills.

Prices: 5,500 Baht a month unlimited Muay Thai Training

One of class 400 Baht. Regular training packages and coupons work out at 150 - 300 Baht a class.

Stay and train 16,000 Baht a month, individual air con room in a new apartment block a few hundred metres off site.

Burklerk Muay Thai Academy - Lampang City / Ko Kha District, Lampang

Burklerk Muay Thai Academy holds a special place in my heart as my home gym. Under the guidance of Ajarn Burklerk Pinsinchai, I have dedicated over a decade to my training. Ajarn Burklerk's remarkable fighting career during the Golden Era speaks for itself, as he remained virtually undefeated. Renowned for his graceful technique and exceptional mastery of Muay Thai, training under him has been an eye-opening experience.

Even after three decades of training in Thailand, I continue to be astounded by Ajarn Burklerk's ability to introduce me to new tricks and tactics that I had never encountered before. His expertise is unparalleled, and I wholeheartedly recommend seizing the opportunity to train with him if given the chance.

Ajarn Burklerk Pinsinchai boasts an impressive array of credentials, including being a two-time Lumpinee champion, a Thailand Champion, and a recipient of the Fighter of the Year award. His accomplishments in the ring have solidified his status as a true legend in Muay Thai.

In addition to his remarkable fighting career, Ajarn Burklerk has also made significant contributions as a coach. He has coached at at esteemed institutions such as The North Thailand Police Academy and The Board of Boxing Sports C License Kru training course, which is designed for all Thai-born Muay Thai instructors, Ajarn Burklerk is himself an A License Coach, These high-profile affiliations underscore his reputation as a highly respected and sought-after coach within the Muay Thai community.

The training facilities are conveniently situated in two different locations. The first is a small gym attached to his house, strategically located in the city center.

In addition, Ajarn Burklerk has a resort located 10 km outside of town. This resort not only offers excellent training facilities but also provides comfortable accommodations for those seeking an immersive training experience.

Ajarn's wife operates a restaurant, which has become a popular post-training hangout spot. The restaurant serves delicious meals, making it a perfect place to refuel and socialize with fellow practitioners.

Best For: All levels, family vibe, Traditional Muay Thai and good for existing coaches / fighters who want to learn new skills.

Prices: 10,000 a month Muay Thai Training (Unconfirmed) various stay and train deals available contact Mrs. Puk (English Language)

Burklerk Muay Thai academy has not much online presence and many defunct facebook pages hat are not monitored. Contact Mrs Pook for information:

Burklerk Muay Thai Academy

Thong Dee Muay Thai Gym - Suthep District - Chiang Mai City

When I'm in Chiang Mai, Thong Dee is easily one of my favorite training spots. It's a fantastic medium-sized functional gym that operates with remarkable efficiency. However, what truly sets it apart for me is the head coach, Kru Net. In my nearly 30 years of training in Thailand, I can confidently say he is one of the best coaches I've ever had the privilege to learn from. His meticulous attention to detail and the elegance of his Femur style are truly remarkable.

Located just outside of town on the canal road, Thong Dee Gym offers convenient accessibility from the popular Nimman Road area. Nestled within a sports complex, the gym boasts a picturesque view of the nearby mountains. Adding to its allure, the complex also features several football pitches that double as excellent running tracks. Overall, Thong Dee provides an ideal setting for training, with its superb facilities and captivating surroundings.

Thong Dee does not offer accommodation packages but its training fees are a bargain and substantially lower than most other gyms in the area.

Best For: A good all rounder for all levels. Great if you are a long term resident in Chiang Mai.

Prices: 300 baht a session or 3000 Baht a Month

Thong Dee Muay Thai Gym

Banchamek Gym / Buakaw Village - Mae Tang District , Chiang Mai Province

Located in Mae Tang, just an hour's drive from Chiang Mai, Buakaw Gym is a scenic resort nestled amidst beautiful mountains and countryside. While Buakaw's presence during training sessions cannot be guaranteed, he is known to frequent the gym and actively participate when present. During a visit accompanied by Ajarn Burklerk, Buakaw warmly welcomed us, even sharing a pleasant lunch together.

The facility is modern and the trainers are solid professionals. The accomadation is luxurious and therefore not so cheap. They do all inclusive packages which include training, food and accommodation.

Best For: The star struck, The rich and good for a luxurious resort training experience. Makes a good day trip for a one off session whilst training regular at another Chiang Mai Gym.

Prices: Training only 600 Baht for 1 session 8000 Baht for 15 sessions (16,000 Baht a month that's nearly $500 us!!! just for training!!)

Banchamek Gym / Buakaw Village

Sit Thailand Gym - Near Chiang Mai Airport, Chiang Mai City

Sit Thailand Muay Thai Gym, nestled on the edge of Chiang Mai City, is a premier training facility renowned for its commitment to the art of Muay Thai. Led by the esteemed Kru Thailand Pinsinchai, a golden era champion celebrated for his exceptional technical ability. With a focus on preserving the essence of Muay Thai, Sit Thailand Muay Thai Gym provides an ideal environment for individuals seeking to enhance their skills and embrace the rich heritage of this ancient martial art form.

The facility is good and spacious and situated next to a resort with a pool that they use as an accommodation base.

Best For: Serious training and fighters.

Prices: Training only - 1 Day 600 Baht - 1 Week 3000 Baht - 1 Month 10,000 Baht

Sit Thailand Gym

Manop Maxim Gym - San Sai District, Chiang Mai Suburbs

Kru Manop, a world-famous coach known for training the likes of Saenchai and other prominent Muay Thai fighters, leads this small and family-style Muay Thai gym just 20 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai in the suburbs. The quality of instruction is very high, with Kru Manop delivering a daily master class in pad holding. Prepare to be amazed by his expertise and experience first-hand the exceptional training environment he cultivates.

There is a limited amount of accommodation at the gym I understand.

Best For: All levels but need to take training seriously. Great for advanced and fighters / Coaches.

Prices: Training Only - 1 session 400 Baht - 1 Week 3000 Baht - 1 Month - Train 1 x a day 6000 Baht - 1 Month Train 2 x a day 10,000 Baht

Manop Maxim Gym

Hong Tong Muay Thai Gym - San Sai District, Chiang Mai Suburbs

Hong Tong Gym, managed by the twin brothers Kru Gen and Kru Joe, is a well-rounded and consistent performer. The gym offers a harmonious blend of traditional training, catered sessions for tourists, and programs designed for Thai fitness enthusiasts. With ample space and purpose-built accommodation on-site, the premises provide a comfortable training environment.

The twins, who were previously coaches at Team Quest around 12 years ago, possess exceptional Muay Thai skills and have the capability to train individuals up to elite fight standards. Having personally trained under them before the establishment of their own gym, I hold them in high regard and can only speak highly of their expertise and dedication to the sport of Muay Thai.

Best For: Intermediates looking to push into fighting but also ok for all other standards

Prices: Training Only: One session per day: - One month: 6,000 Baht - One week: 1,600 Baht - One day: 300 Baht

Two sessions per day: One month: 9,000 Baht - One week: 2,800 Baht - One day: 500 Baht

Hong Tong Muay Thai Gym

Lanna Muay Thai - Boon Lanna Muay Thai Sarapi District, Chiang Mai Suburbs

Also known as "Kietbusaba Muay Thai," Lanna holds a special place in my heart as it was the very first gym where I began my training almost three decades ago. Back then, I had the privilege of training alongside Andy Thompson, the founder of the gym. I take pride in being the first foreign fighter to represent Lanna. Over the years, the gym has undergone two relocations, adapting to its evolving needs.

Many of the young Thai fighters whom I had the honor of training and fighting alongside in the 90s have now transitioned into the role of coaches, contributing their expertise and experience to the next generation. Among these remarkable individuals is Kru Boon, who has taken up the reins and currently owns and manages Lanna at its new location on the outskirts of the city.

Lanna runs a tight ship and training is well structured, they cater for all level and can organise fights at a good standard.

They are currently constructing an accommodation block and rooms will be available soon, they are also able to provide a Muay Thai Education visa.

Best For: A solid all rounder for tourists and pro fighters alike.

Prices: Training Only 1 class 400 Baht. Weekly 1 x Training Day - 2000 Baht. 2 x Training Day -3500 Baht. Monthly 1 x Training Day 6000 Baht 2 x Training Day 8,800 Baht

North Thailand Muay Thai gyms and Camps

Lanna Muay Thai Gym

Santai Muay Thai Gym - San Khampaeng District, Chiang Mai Suburbs

Santai Muay Thai Gym, located in Chiang Mai, boasts a team of skilled trainers who cater to students across various proficiency levels, spanning from novices to seasoned professional fighters.

Santai Muay Thai gym has a good reputation for quality and a very traditional hard core training regime. Like a few other gyms in the area (Burklerk Gym / Sit Thailand / Manasak Gym) Santai has a connection with Pinsinchai Gym in Bangkok ,with regard to its training staff, and this is always a seal of quality. Many big name fighters have been produced by this gym. They have a vast range of accommodation packages.

Best For: Pro Fighters and coaches who want to train hard.

Prices: Training Only : Daily 600 Baht - Weekly 3000 Baht - Monthly 10,000 Baht

Santai Muay Thai Gym

The Camp - Mae Hia District, Chiang Mai suburbs

The Fairtex owned The Camp is a luxurious training environment and fully serviced resort. this gym is really big with tons of facilities and 3 full size rings. They also have accommodation, weight training gym and a restaurant.

There is no doubting the quality of these premises but its not cheap. For example a bunk in a shared dorm room will set you back around $65 USD for one night (For about $150 USD you could easily rent a nice condo for a month in that area.) Training is also a premium rate unless you are a Thai then it is substantially cheaper.

Also note: No alcohol is permitted in the gym or accommodation for those of you who like a cool beer after training.

Best For: Wealthy people looking for a luxurious spa type Muay Thai package.

Prices: Weekly 6000 Baht - Monthly 12,000 Baht

The Camp Muay Thai Resort

The Bear Muay Fight Club - The Old City, Chiang Mai City Centre

The Bear is one of my personal favourite gyms in Chiang Mai. It is located within the walls of the old city and is small family ran gym. It gets very busy in the afternoon sessions and the training is very old school and hard work. The last time I was there the session ran for nearly 3 hours.

The classes are structured and the trainers are very encouraging and hard working. There are some seasoned professional's training at this gym too.

They don't offer accommodation packages but the area that the gym is located is a wash with cheap guest houses and some mid range boutique hotels.

The Bear is one of the best priced gyms in The North of Thailand considering price and length of sessions.

Best For: Convenient to the city and great for all levels. Fighters could do a lot worse than to sign up here.

Prices: 1 Session 300 Baht - 1 Week 1500 Baht - Monthly prices start from just 4000 Baht but with limited pad rounds.

The Bear Fight Club

Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gym - The Old City, Chiang Mai City Centre.

Just a few streets away from The Bear Fight Club and still within The Old City walls is Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gym. I actually completed the year long Muay Thai Education visa here, during the covid times. I can vouch for the efficiency and professionalism of the visa admin staff who arranged my visa with very little trouble. This is more of an achievement than it sounds as dealing with Thai immigration is often very difficult and an administrative mine field. If you are looking for a visa though be sure to plan financially as Muay Thai visas typically cost 2 to 3 times more than Thai language visas.

The coaches are all very welcoming, encouraging and professional and the class has a very solid structure. Kru Bank, the head coach, is a great character and actually remembers watching me fight when he was just a young boy.

The session is 90 minutes and the classes are very compact and useful for people who do not have a lot of free time. The format is 10 minutes jog around the ring / gym, group warm up, shadow boxing,1 or 2 rounds of instruction technique, 3 pad rounds with a coach , bag work, light sparring and a group warm down. The sparring is mostly with other foreign students but is well supervised I only had a few rough spars in well over a year of training here.

The premises is upstairs and benefits from a nice breeze as the walls are half open (mesh ) and the surface is astro turf which actually a great surface for training Muay Thai.

They do not offer accommodation packages but the surrounding atrea has many hostels, guest houses and hotels in walking distance.

Best for: Muay Thai visa. Beginners, people who want to do a short compact session and convenient to the old city.

Prices: One Session - 390 Baht - Weekly 1 x a Day Training 2500 Baht - Monthly 1 x a Day Training 8000 Baht - Monthly 2 x a Day Training 10,000 Baht

Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gym

Dang Muay Thai - The Old City, Chiang Mai City Centre

Kru Dang has been teaching in Chiang Mai for a long time and is highly regarded for his good technique and practical applications.

His new gym (Early 2023) is just around the corner from Chiang Mai Muay Thai Gym inside the wall of the Old City. Dang Muay Thai operates in a similar way to Chiang Mai Muay Thai gym with 90 minutes structured classes and Education visa's for Muay Thai available to the wealthy.

They have accommodation on site which is no doubt convenient but over priced for a small room with a shared bathroom, there are literally hundreds of guest houses, hostels and boutique hotels within walking distance.

Best For: All standards who like a short structured class. Education visa

Prices: Training Only : 1 Session - 350 Baht. Weekly (10 sessions) - 3000 Baht. Monthly 1 x Day Training - 5000 Baht. Monthly 2 x Day Training - 9000 Baht

Dang Muay Thai Gym

Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai - Mae Faek Mae District, Chiang Mai Province

A beautiful and stunning forest retreat Muay Thai camp and spa for the wealthy situated not far from Mae Rim about 18 km north of Chiang Mai.

Like its big brother camp in Phuket the Tiger brand ensures quality and the trainers are sourced from quality instructors and ex champions around the country.

It has a fully equipped Muay Thai facility and also a weight room and swimming pool which need paying for on top of your Muay Thai training fee.

They also run MMA classes and Yoga from the resort and have luxurious accomadation available at a premium price.

Best For: The wealthy who enjoy the spa experience & want a reclusive Muay Thai holiday

Prices: Muay Thai Training only - Weekly - 3700 Baht. Monthly - 10,000 Baht

Tiger Muay Thai Chiang Mai

Manasak Muay Thai Gym - San Patong District , Chiang Mai Province 30 km South West of the city.

Kru Manasak is another one of the world renowned Pinsinchai Gym fighters who is coaching in the north of Thailand. This gym is brand new but Kru Manasak was coaching at Santai Gym for a long time and is highly regarded as a dedicated and skilful coach.

As it has only just opened there is not much info on this gym but I included it as Kru Manasak has a reputation of been one of the best coaches in the Chiang Mai region.

Manasak Muay Thai Gym

Sit Thaharnaek Muay Thai Gym - Hang Dong District, Chiang Mai Suburbs

Ajarn Hua is a great coach and highly recommended. I was running Burklerk Gym in Chiang Mai's night Bazzaar when it was taken over by Ajarn Hua and had the pleasure of meeting him and training with the gym briefly. Covid times saw the death of the night bazaar and Ajarn Hua moved his gym out to Hang Dong.

Ajarn Hua has over 500 fights and was at one point ranked number two at the Rajadamern stadium in Bangkok. Together with his trainers, he will be happy to teach you both the basics as well as advanced skills in Muay Thai.

The gym is well equipped but it has a traditional feel about the place. The group training sessions are two hours and usually include skipping, stretching, shadow boxing/technique, speed punch, 3-4 rounds pad work, 3-4 rounds bag work/sparring, clinching, conditioning. Afternoon sessions are generally more focused on sparring and clinching. They do not offer accommodation packages.

Best For: Long Term residents living South of Chiang Mai city but a good all rounder.

Prices: 1 x Session 400 Bath - 2 x sessions a Day 700 Bath - Weekly 2200 Bath - Monthy 8000 Bath

North Thailand Muay Thai gyms and Camps

Bangrajan Muay Thai - Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province

Bangrajan is a spa type set up located in Mae Rim about 26 km from Chiang Mai. The Muay Thai program has been well received by a few people I know and the facilities look great. The Muay Thai program is complimented with a lot of holistic type activities like massage, yoga and nutritional dieting etc. They have a very nice garden and swimming pool on site. They used to offer a Muay Thai Education Visa but I am not sure if that is still available.

They only advertise accommodation packages so I don't think they have an option for walk in sessions or training only.

If anyone from Bangrajan wants to contact me to update these details please do so and I will amend the information.

Best For: Luxury spa experience and great for people into all round holistic and Wellness.

Prices: No Training only prices are published and accommodation packages are high end prices. The website is very good and price options are well displayed.

Bangrajan Muay Thai Resort

Charn Chai Muay Thai Gym - Pai, Mae Hong Song Province

Formerly known as "True Bee" gym set in the beautiful and very "Hippy" town of Pai in the mountains.

I have trained with Kru Bee when he was coaching at the old "Chay Yai Muay Thai Gym" in Chiang Mai 15 or 20 years ago. He is a quality coach and an awesome pad man. He trained fighter's at many top Bangkok gyms and has had stints coaching abroad too. The gym is located in a mountain fresh environment and well equipped and well staffed too.

They do accommodation and fully inclusive deals which include meals.

They actually have a monthly package which is just 18,000 Baht for training, food and accommodation ( That's approx. 522 USD at time of writing) this is a great all in price.

Best for: An awesome await from it all retreat in the mountains for all standards

Prices: Weekly 2500 Baht - Monthly 9000 Baht

Charn Chai Muay Thai Gym

The Underdog Gym - Chiang Rai City

The Underdog gym is situated in the middle of Chiang Rai city and has a very good reputation. Kru Bank is very experienced and has coached all over the world, he spent some time in East Europe.

They offer well structured lessons in a good facility at an amazing price.

Best For: Good all rounder for all standards and convenient to city centre.

Prices: No weekly or monthly published but who cares at 150 Baht a session!

The Underdog Gym

Sri Wai Muay Thai Gym - Chiang Rai

I'm not sure if this gym has been re branded or if it just uses a Thai and western name but it also known as "Stinger Muay Thai Gym."

Head coach is well known Muay Thai fighter, trainer and commentator Ajahn Supalert Tansombat "Lom Issan" ( the Issan Wind ). They also have an Asian boxing Champ on site so would be a good place to sharpen up your hand drills.

I have heard good things about this gym and it represents a good option for anyone in the area. They offer accommodation and fighter packages.

Their prices are very reasonable.

Best For: All standards and beginners or people who want to improve their hand skill.

Prices: 1 Session 250 Baht. 2 x Training a Day price - Weekly - 2200 Baht, Monthly - 8000 Baht. If you can prove long term residency in Chiang Rai Monthly training is only 2000 Baht a month.

North Thailand Muay Thai gyms and Camps

Sri Wai / Stinger Muay Thai Gym

T20 Muay Thai Gym - Nan City

T20 - "Tee Sow" in Northern Thai language. Is an old school, traditional Muay Thai gym in the far northern town of Nan.

I discovered this hidden gem whilst visiting my girlfriends home town and it was like walking back into a gym from the 90's. Everything about the gym has "We mean business" written all over it and the place is usually packed with young Thais dreaming of the big time.

Kru Kay is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and training is overseen by the watchful eye of Kru Pan who has been in the sport over 50 years. The style is typically northern with an emphasis on blocking and countering but they are also particularly good with hand skill.

Nan is a very beautiful town in the mountains and is one of the most popular destinations for Thai tourists but foreign traveller's are not aware of it.

Best For: Anyone in Nan who wants to train or an awesome get away and immersive Muay Thai experience.

Prices: 8000 Baht a Month

North Thailand Muay Thai gyms and Camps

T20 Muay Thai Gym

For information on Muay Gyms and Camps in other regions of Thailand please see our main blog post :


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