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Muay Thai Gym -  Chiang Mai


$280 USD a month aprox - 10,000 Thai Baht

We have accommodation just a few hundred metres off site. 

  • Clean, fresh, spacious low rise apartment block

  • Air Con

  • On Suite Bathroom with shower and toilet

  • Double or Twin beds

  • WIFI

  • Laundry

  • Coffee Shop

  • Restaurant

  • Mini Mart

  • Street food

  • 10 Minutes to city / Tourist area

Gym Accomadation
Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai accommodation
Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai accommodation
Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai accommodation
Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai accommodation
Training plus room package 16,000 Baht / $440 US Approx

If you want to book your own accommodation there are an abundance of hotels and guesthouses of all standards within walking distance of the gym. Prices vary according to the time of year and different booking apps will usually display different rates too. So shop around. Some places will probably do cheaper rates if you stay longer than a month. Typically monthly rates are 30% - 60% discounted. Below are our recommendations

The Living Hills Chiang Mai

Distance from gym: 700m

Price: 650 - 800 Baht a night

Link: Facebook Page

Business class 4 star accommodation with a pool, close to the gym.

B2 Premier Hotel Resort

Distance from gym: 900m

Price: 550 - 900 Baht a night


Standard business class 4 star hotel with a pool. 

darn small.png

KM Hotel Chiang Mai.

Distance from gym: 1.2km

Price: 600 - 850 Baht a night

Link: KM Hotel

3 Star Hotel, a bit old and tired but clean and efficient. Close to gym and this place should do reduced monthly deals.


Darin Chiang Mai Hotel & Residence

Distance from gym: 1.2km

Price: 900 - 1200 Baht a night

Link: Darin Residence

A more cozy and boutique style place. Monthly rates are not available. 

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