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Our Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai is staffed with World Class Coaches


Every Coach a Former Champion

We have been involved in Muay Thai in Chiang Mai since the 90's. We are lucky to have

2 Golden Era legends coaching for us, both are regularly mentioned in peoples all time greatest top 10 Muay Thai fighters. MTF website's owner was the first Non Thai to ever fight in Chiang Mai's only professional stadium, (at the time) The Kawilla Army Stadium. Our Staff possess Board of Boxing Sport A License, World Muay Thai Council (Professional Instructors) & IFMA (Amateur Instructors) Certification


Kru Nai

Head Coach

Kru Nai first worked with Muay Thai Fever organisation at a gym in Sankhamphaeng district of Chiang Mai in the year 2000.

He is an outstanding Muay Thai coach with great technical knowledge and decades of experience. 

He was a double weight Northern Muay Thai Champion and fought regularly at the elite Bangkok stadiums during the end of the Golden Era.

Ajarn Boonlai Sor Thanikul

Fight Team Coach

Kru BoonLai

Achievements: Golden Era Champion of Lumpinee Stadium.
Skills: Celebrated for his tenacity and resilience, Boonlai often defeated opponents with his relentless aggression.
1990: Lumpinee Stadium Champion at 115 lbs
1992: Lumpinee Stadium Champion at 122 lbs

Fight Record: 300 wins - 5 Draws  - 80 loss

Boonlai epitomized the aggressive, forward-driving essence of Muay Thai. His bouts were electrifying displays of pure energy and skill. Beyond his thrilling fighting style, he clinched 2 titles at Lumpinee Stadium, Thailand's most esteemed Muay Thai arena. As a luminary of the golden era, Boonlai stands tall as one of the greatest Muay Thai fighters in the sport's illustrious history.

He defeated the following Golden Era legends:

Somrak Kamsing, Karuhat, Namkabuan, Chamuekpet Hapalang, Olay Kietoneway, Langsuan, Jongsanan Fairtex, Lamnamoon, Chatchai, Wanchannoi, Jaroensap, Dorkmai Pa and Cherry Sor Wanich.


Ajarn Burklerk Pinsinchai
Technical Coach

Kru Noi

We are lucky to have one of Thailand's top Muay Thai coaches.

Master Burklerk ( Kru Noi) is well known all over Thailand for his excellent and unique, advanced skill Muay Thai techniques.

  • 2 x Golden Era Lumpinee Champion

  • 2 x Golden Era Thailand Champion

  • Fighter of The Year

  • Virtually undefeated in 200 fights

  • Instructor for The Board of Boxing Sport Muay Thai Courses

  • Instructor For the Police Training College

  • International Instructor for Muay Thai Federations in Germany, Canada, USA, France, Spain and Australia

The youtube videos below are a fine endorsment of our coaches Mastery of the art of Muay Thai. these videos were produced by the highly regarded "Muay Thai Scholar," "Lawrence Kenshin - Striking Breakdowns," "Humans of fighting" and "Sylvie Von Douglas Ittu." All are big Muay Thai influencers. 

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