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Muay Thai - Chiang Mai

M U A Y  T H A I  F E V E R ........ & There ain't no cure!

Classical Muay Thai - The MajorTechniques

The 15 Major techniques can vary from camp to camp and region to region but the following are as taught by The Thai Governments "Board of Boxing Sport." The classics are outdated re the modern sport but some of the the most common used Muay Thai techniques can be seen and have there origin in the classics, even if they have evolved through sporting practicality. 

Mae Mai Muay Thai - The Classics


Salap Fan Pla

Change The Fishes Teeth

Moving outside of your opponents punch and snapping his arm using both of your arms in opposing strikes. 

Paksa Waek Lang
The Bird Peeping Through The Nest

Blocking and guarding your head when in close range to your opponent. 


Java Sat Hok

The Warrior Throws a Spear

Dodging your opponents punch and counter striking with an elbow to strike to the body. The Elbow strike is thrown inside of the punch in this technique.

Inao Taeng Krit

The Prince Stabbing With His Dagger

Dodging your opponents punch and counter striking with an elbow to strike to the rib cage. The Elbow strike is thrown outside of the punch in this technique.


Yo Khao Phra Summen

Lifting The Mountain

Ducking an opponents straight punch and counter striking with an uppercut aimed at your opponents chin.

Ta Tan kham Fak

The Old Man Pushing The Melon Tree

Parrying the opponents straight punch in n upward motion whilst simultaneously  counter punching the opponents chin. 


Mon Yan Lak

The Soldier Pushing The Pillar

A push kick ("Teep") to the opponents chest or abdomen. This technique can be used as a counterattack or as a defensive movement. 

Pak Look Toy

Impaling The Tree Climbing Snake

Blocking the opponents high kick by turning your elbows into the opponents shin.


Jarokae Fad Hang

The Crocodile Spins Its Tail

Countering an opponents strike with a spinning heel kick.

Hak Nuang Aiyara

Breaking The Elephants Trunk

Striking an opponents upper thigh with the elbow. Counter attack against the round kick. This type of strike is very painful and can immobilize your opponent. 


Bid Hang Nakha

Twisting The Serpents Tail

Twisting the tip of the opponents foot with both hands and throwing a knee strike to the back of the opponents leg. Defence and counter attack against the push kick

Wirun Hok Klap

The Giant Striking Back

Striking your opponents upper thigh with the heel. Used as defence against a kick or to displace and unbalance the opponent whilst he is punching.


Dap Chawala

Putting Out the Lamp

Striking, or counter striking an opponent by punching the eyes. 

Khun Yak Jab Ling

The Giant Catching The Monkey

This technique is more of a system than a pre described technique. It teaches the bigger fighter or "Firm Style" (Muay Lak) boxer how to deal with a skilful and fast moving opponent. Blocks and catches followed by counter strikes are used.


Hak Kor Erawan

Breaking The Elephants Neck

Pulling on your opponents neck and knee striking the body.

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