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Foreigner's are becoming better at Muay Thai than Thai's, Mr Wong from Fairtex warns.

Mr Wong, esteemed owner of all things Fairtex has a stern warning for Thai Nak Muay about the future of Muay Thai.

To summarise:

  • He has been involved in the sport at it's highest level for 60 years.

  • He feels Muay Thai is currently the best it has ever been or will be so soon.

  • He attributes this great success to The ONE Championship promotion.

  • He states that One pays up to 4 times the purse that other promotions pay.

  • He says the bonuses are very big and it is attracting the best in the world to Thailand to fight and train.

  • He warns all Thai fighters that the big championship belts are being won by Non Thai's

  • He says that Thai's feel superior to foreigners but they should take notice of the changes that are happening.

  • He thinks some big name Thai fighters are becoming too comfortable on the seminar circuit and not training hard enough.

  • He states that foreigners are highly motivated when fighting Thai's and will pay expensive training fees and navigate complicated visa circumstances in order to stay and train here.

  • He warns Thai fighters and gyms not to be complacent and to focus more.

  • He fears that in not to many years all the major Muay Thai championship belts could be held by foreign fighters.

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