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Opening a Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai, Thailand Part 1

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

After some contemplation, I've decided to establish another Muay Thai Gym in Thailand, specifically in Chiang Mai. My previous experience dates back over two decades when I ran a gym, Fah Muang Neua, alongside Kru Nai in Chiang Mai. Back then, Chiang Mai had only two gyms that welcomed foreigners – ours and Lanna Muay Thai.

The motivation behind reopening a gym is the thriving Muay Thai scene in Chiang Mai. The city is rapidly evolving into a prominent hub for Muay Thai enthusiasts. Many of the existing gyms are bustling with activity, some don't even try and promote or do any marketing but are still busy.

Feeling the urge for a new challenge, and with my girlfriend Nu's extensive experience managing sports centers (she used to own a large football pitch complex with a swimming pool in Lampang), we decided to give it a shot. Combining my Muay Thai knowledge with her sports center management skills seemed like a perfect match.

We've identified a promising location, which we're in the process of securing. It's strategically situated – only 10 minutes from the city, yet nestled at the base of the mountains. The environment is open and refreshing, offering ample space for activities like jogging and more.

In my quest to establish the gym, I began searching for a coach. Fortunately, Kru Nai, one of my early Muay Thai influences, is available. Kru Nai not only possesses excellent coaching skills but also upholds strong moral values. He boasts an impressive Muay Thai record, having held two Northern Championship titles and a contender during the golden era for the Rajadamnern Stadium championship.

I intend to document the entire process of setting up this Muay Thai gym in Thailand. I understand that many people are interested in such ventures, and I'll be regularly updating with blogs as things progress.

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