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Opening a Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai, Thailand Part 3

I am currently at the Muay Thai Fever Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai, and we've given it a thorough cleaning. We're in the process of ordering training equipment, but it hasn't been smooth sailing. We had an issue with Lazada (the Thai Amazon) where they accidentally duplicated some of our orders, but we decided to keep most of the extra items for future use. We also had a problem with a well-known Thai brand that quoted us 20% more for bulk orders compared to the listed online prices, which can be a common occurrence here.

To stand out from other Muay Thai gyms in Chiang Mai, we've created a small conditioning area for circuit training. Most gyms in the area don't offer this, so we're aiming to be different.

We haven't taken down the Thong Dee banners yet for sentimental reasons, because I have many good memories from our time there, and both Ajarn Su and Aylla have been incredibly supportive during our setup process.

On Wednesday, Kru Nai is visiting, and we'll be topping up the punch bags and moving the multi-gym. We might also get some tires for training. Our next steps involve acquiring more training equipment and developing our gym's brand.

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