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Mae Mai (Major Techniques) Muay Thai

Muay Thai Fever is one of a very few gyms that teach classical Muay Thai, along with the modern sport Muay Thai, in Chiang Mai.

What are Mae Mai Muay Thai?

"Mae Mai" in Muay Thai refers to a set of traditional techniques. These techniques are like special moves or skills that fighters learn and use in the sport. They include different ways to punch, kick, elbow, and knee your opponent. Think of it like learning special dance moves, but instead of dancing, it's about using your body in specific ways for fighting. These techniques have been passed down through many years, and each one has its own name and purpose. So, when people talk about "Mae Mai Muay Thai," they are talking about these special, traditional fighting techniques that fighters practice and use in the ring. It's a bit like having a toolbox of different moves to use when you're in a Muay Thai match!

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