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How Much Does it Cost? The Price of Training Muay Thai in Thailand?

Updated: Apr 10

The one question we get asked on a near daily basis is "How much does it all cost?"

Let me go over the prices of training, eating, transportation and staying at our Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai, North Thailand.

Northern Thailand is significantly cheaper in all aspects to Southern Thailand and Bangkok.

How Much does it cost to train Muay Thai in Thailand?

Welcome to our Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai, North Thailand.

Training; We charge 5500 Thai baht ($155 USD as of Feb 2024) for unlimited training. If you train every session that works at around 60 hours of Class and 20 hours of private tuition( Dedicated pad rounds in every class). If you only managed half the sessions its still good value for money. We have other options for people who don't want to train regularly or daily.

Accommodation: We have come to understand that people have different standards when it comes to sleeping arrangements. We recommend 3 different types of accommodation.

Muay Thai Fever Gym Accommodation

1. Business Class Hotel which is 1km away and is short jog / walk or a cheap (no more than 100 baht / $2.50) taxi ride, from our gym. The B2 is an international standard hotel but not a resort or anything fancy. It is on par with Travel lodge in UK / USA. Prices vary costing more at weekends and peak times but it usually in the 400 - 650 Baht( $11 - 18 USD) a night price range. The B2 near our gym does have a swimming pool.

2. Guest House: There are many options for typical Thai style guest houses in the area surrounding the gym. All within an light jog, 20 minute walk or 5 minute cab ride. Thai style guesthouses are usually simply hotels that are past their prime but sometimes they can be quirky and eclectic. They will usually have on suite simple hot shower and toilet and a small bedroom. Typically you will have a fridge, TV and bedding. The premises will usually cater for food, laundry and most hire scooters or will arrange taxis. Downsides can be not everything functions perfectly and could be surrounded by noisy chickens or businesses. If you are not too fussy then these are a great option.

Guesthouse with AirCon approximately 400 - 600 Baht ( $11 - $17) a night but monthly deals can be made for around 10 - 12,000 Baht($280 - $330) a month.

Guesthouse with Fan are usually 10 - 25% cheaper than with aircon.

4. Hostel - The cheap and fun option if you want to socialise with young backpackers. Hostels can be a lot of fun and impromptu party's happen almost nightly. Don't bank on getting a good sleep at a hostel though. This needs to be taken into account if you are serious about Muay Thai Training. Prices range from as cheap as 150 baht ($4 USD) a night to 350 ($10 USD) baht but the average price is 250 baht ($7 USD)  a night.

Gym Accommodation: We have permeant rooms at a brand new apartment block very close to the gym. The minimum length of stay is 2 weeks. The accommodation is new,clean and tidy and has air con, hot shower, fridge and bedding. 10,000 baht a month ($280 USD)

Transport: There are 3 main options when it comes to getting to and from the gym and getting out and about around town.

Scooter Rental: A cheap and easy, fun way to get around but can be dangerous. You can easily rent a small, 100 - 125 cc scooter for around 200 - 300 baht ( $5 - $8 USD) a day. If you rent monthly it is possible to pick up a scooter for 2500 Baht ($68 USD) a month. Fuel costs are low, its 47 Baht a litre ($1.29 USD). Scooters typically do 50km a litre so this is a very cheap way to get around.

There are many police checkpoints that target tourists so be sure to wear a helmet and secure an international licensee before you arrive. (The 1968 International driving permit is the only one acceptable to Thai Police) and it should show that you have a motorcycle license in your home country.)

Having said that Police checkpoints are not serious and you can easily pay 500 Baht ($15 USD) and be on your way.

Grab / Bolt App (Thailand's Uber): Download the app on arrival and it works just like Uber. All trips around town are between 100 and 150 Baht ( $4 - $6 USD) Note: most Grab Taxis are not sign written and look like normal cars.

Tuk Tuk: Expensive and aimed at tourist but fun to take when moving around in the city centre. Should be 100 - 150 Baht ( $4 USD - 6 USD) a short journey. Think hopping from bar to bar in the city. TukTuk drivers will push their luck though and ask for 500 Baht or more if you look green. Fix price before you get in. Don't use Tuk Tuks for anything other than short journeys.

Red Taxis - Songtiews (Shared Bus / Taxi): You will see plenty of these red converted pick up trucks on the road. In theory these are the cheapest way to get around. Flag them down, tell them where you are going and they say, "yes" or "no" depending on there route. 10 baht (30c US) a trip. But they can be a challenge to navigate if you are unfamiliar with the system and don't speak Thai. The worse case scenario is that you get into an empty one and he charges you as a private taxi and will be asked for 200 baht maybe.

Food:  Thai food is awesome. If you are adventurous enough to enjoy local food you are in for a treat. Street food, dishes from 50 Baht ($1.50 USD) Restaurant food, anything from 80 Baht a dish to 300 Baht ( $2.10 - $9) a dish.

Western food is Widley available, you can generally look at about 400 baht ($12 USD) for a good western dish in a restaurant but Macy D is around 200 Baht ($5 USD) for a Big Mac set.

7 11: The go to place to get cheap western food and beers. Microwave convenience food is not high quality but hits the spot at times. Hot Dogs, Burgers etc around 60 Baht ( $1.60) Beers in 7 11 are around 60 Baht too. 7 11 are on nearly every street and many are open 24 hrs. Nearly all shops have an ATM outside too.

Night Life:  You name it we got it! You can have a night out drinking beers away from the girly bars for less than $15 USD if you go steady. You can also drink high end whiskey and wines with a harem of pretty girls and blow $2000 USD in one night.

A night at one of the 6 full Time Muay Thai stadiums to watch the fights is usually 600 Baht

( $16 USD)

The above is a very rough guide to the cost of living in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand and by no means gospel Things change and the exchange rate changes. This was written in April 2024. Check current exchange rates.

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