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Muay Thai  -  Chiang Mai

 "Two of our coaches are consistently recognized among the top 10 greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time by industry experts and pundits."

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Chiang Mai - Northern Thailand

Muay Thai Fever Gym

Muay Thai Gym in Chiang Mai:
Authentic Training Experience at Muay Thai Fever

Welcome to Muay Thai Fever, Chiang Mai's most loved Muay Thai Gym, just 10 minutes from Nimman Road. Our gym combines city convenience with a tranquil mountain setting for a fresh training experience. Whether you're a seasoned fighter or a beginner, join us to learn and practice Muay Thai, the authentic Thai boxing in Chiang Mai. Discover the essence of Thailand through the art of Muay Thai at our gym, located in the perfect position between the mountain and the city.

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Discover Muay Thai Training in Chiang Mai with Muay Thai Fever - Check out our reviews

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Experience Authentic Muay Thai Classes in Chiang Mai with Our Expert Trainers

Embrace the Tradition of Muay Thai in Chiang Mai with Our Dedicated Team

We offer programs for everyone: the young and old, Thai residents, expatriates, tourists, professional fighters, and serious full-time students.

Gym Schedule

Open Mon - Sat     8am - 10.30 am  &  4pm  -  8.30pm

No Pre Booking Required - Closed Sunday and Saturday Morning

We have a 30 year history of teaching Muay Thai in Chiang Mai. Read our story here:

Muay Thai Fever Gym in Chiang Mai 2001

Kru Nai & Derry coaching The Iranian Kick Boxing team in Chiang Mai in the year 2000

Ajarn Boonlai Sor Thanikul
 Achievements: Golden Era Champion of Lumpinee Stadium.
1990: Lumpinee Stadium Champion at 115 lbs
1992: Lumpinee Stadium Champion at 122 lbs

Fight Record: 300 wins - 5 Draws  - 80 loss

We are luckty to have one of the all time greats of Muay Thai on our coaching staff. Ajarn Boonlai is truly a legend of the sport of Muay Thai.

Ajarn Burklerk Pinsinchai who is widely acknowledged as a living legend in the  Muay Thai Community. Twice champion at Lumpinee Stadium and two times Thailand Champion during The Golden era. He has been featured as a Master Technician by "Muay Thai Scholar," "Lawrence Kenshin Striking," "Nak Muay Nation," and "Humans of Fighting," plus many others.

"Two of our coaches are consistently recognized among the top 10 greatest Muay Thai fighters of all time by industry experts and pundits!"

TEACHING QUALIFICATIONS : Board of Boxing Sport A License, WMC Pro Instructor, IFMA Amateur Instructor

What they say about us on Trip Advisor

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Location: Just 10 minutes from Chiang Mai city but away from pollution and in the fresh Mountain air.

Fun: Muay Thai training with us is just so much fun. 

Health: Muay Thai is a great way to keep healthy, fit and strong. 

Professional: We are a professionally run Gym with decades of experience coaching Muay Thai and running sports facilities. 

Fight Opportunities: We have the contacts at local stadiums to arrange a once in a life time experience fight that will be well matched, safe and fair. 

Price: We are one of the best value for money Muay Thai gyms in town. No Rip Offs!

All ages, abilities and levels of fitness are catered for. Muay Thai is for all! 

Why Choose to train Muay Thai in Chiang Mai with Muay Thai Fever Gym?
Discover the Beauty of Muay Thai Training in Chiang Mai's Scenic Locale

Want to know more about Muay Thai Training in Chiang Mai?
Our main Muay Thai site has done a series of blogs, everything you need to know is available  there. 


Where are you?

Just 10 minutes from McDonalds, Nimman Rd, We are on The Canal Rd, Northbound between Mae Hia Market & Tom Payom (Suthep Rd) Market. 

We are immediately after the big new Bang Ja petrol station in a Sports Complex called AlMag

What Kit do I need?

Short term visitors do not need any equipment. If you want to spar it is advised that you get a gum shield and groin protection as these can not be shared, but we spar very light and it is optional.

The gym has well maintained and hygienic equipment for your use. We have free water  You should wear Shorts as they are more suitable than long tracksuit trousers. Bring a towel for personal use. Long term trainees are encouraged to purchase Gloves and shin pads


How Long are the classes

We have various options. you can do an open session and train at your own pace or you can join a structured 90 minute group class. 

Can you arrange fights?

We have decades of experience fighting in The North of Thailand and good connections with all the promoters and stadiums in the city. If you want to fight and you can sustain a serious training regime we will promise to get you a fare and safe match in either the city of Chiang Mai or somewhere else in the North of Thailand. 

I fyou claim to have prior fight experience please give us access to the videos of your previous fights so that we can gauge your requirements and standard.

How much?

We are one of the best value Muay Thai gyms in the country. One off sessions are just 400 Baht and we have discounts for weekly, monthly, yearly and special rates for ex pats who reside in Chiang Mai.

We also have a fully flexible voucher system. 

There are no sneaky add ons, like some gyms in the area do. No extra charge for equipment use, water or pad rounds. 

Do I have to spar?

Absolutely not. You will never be made to do any exercise that you don't want to do.

If you opt out of sparring or clinch work we will give you drills to do outside of the ring.  

Can I get a certificate?

We offer a simple "Hours attended" certificate for normal training sessions. We also do various courses which are certificated. 

Is it safe?

We take your health and safety seriously. We have first aiders on site and are equipped with a full first aid kit. We have plenty of head guards which we advise you to use but optional and all activity will be closely monitored by our staff.

All of our training equipment and our training centre are compliant with Thai Education Department health and safety protocol. 

We recommend that you have the appropriate travel insurance activated.

Are you friendly?

We are a global community and a Muay Thai family. We pride ourselves on having a great culture and fun training environment.

 People make life long friends in our gym and you will not encounter any bad attitude, guaranteed. 

Do you have toilets & showers?

Yes we have a large toilet block and shower facility adjacent to the gym area. There are separate toilets and showers for men and women. 

Are you qualified?

Yes, amongst our staff we have Board of Boxing sport A licensed coaches, World Muay Thai council Professional Instructors and IFMA Amateur Instructors. 

Our gym is licensed with The Board of Boxing Sport and is in the process of becoming a licensed school with the Education Department.

Our coaches are regularly featured on social media influencers platforms such as Muay Thai Scholar, Nak Muay Nation, Humans of Fighting, Lawrence Kenshin Striking etc.

Do you speak English?

We have both Thai and English speaking staff and translator's are on site when required. 

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