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The Best Muay Thai Gyms & Camps in North Eastern Thailand - "Isaan" - Muay Thai Training

North Eastern Thailand - Isaan Muay Thai Gyms / Camps

North East Thailand, or the Isaan region, is a vibrant and diverse area of Thailand that boasts a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural beauty, and a thriving Muay Thai scene. The region is situated to the east of the Mekong River and is bordered by Laos and Cambodia. Issan is made up of 20 provinces, with the largest city being Khon Kaen.

One of the region's most famous cultural offerings is its unique dialect, traditional music, and cuisine, which is distinct from the rest of the country. Isaan cuisine is especially renowned for its spicy and sour flavors, and it is often accompanied by sticky rice. Issan is also home to several important historical sites, including the Phimai Historical Park and the Ban Chiang Archaeological Site.

A bloggers glimpse into life in Isaan - Udon Thani

In addition to its cultural offerings, Issan is also a popular destination for Muay Thai enthusiasts. The region has produced many renowned Muay Thai fighters and is home to several high-quality training camps. a Visitors can experience authentic Muay Thai training and fights, immersing themselves in the sport's rich history and culture.

Isaan also boasts stunning natural attractions such as the Phu Kradueng National Park and the Mekong River. Visitors can also experience unique local sports such as buffalo racing and cockfighting.

Isaan Gyms are typically traditional and old school, you may not find the modern spa type experience in this region that is found in South Thailand as the region is not really tourist orientated. Think, swim in the river rather than a saltwater pool, think broom handle with buckets of cement on the end rather than Chrome Smith machines, think farm breeze rather than aircon and you will be on the right track.

NOTE: I have quoted all prices in Thai Baht as the Thai price will be fixed but the currency rates change. At the time of writing it is 35 Thai Baht to 1 USD / 38 Thai Baht to 1Euro.

Lamnammoon Muay Thai Gym - Ubon Ratchathani

Lamnammoon Sor Sumalee -Kru Yo, was a true golden era legend and his gym in Ubon Ratchathani is a great fighters gym with traditional time and tested training methods. Its not really a tourist gym though and if you train here you should be prepared to give it your all. morning runs can be up to 14 km. The gym has a reputation for producing Muay Kao fighters (knee specialists.)

They do accommodation packages either at the coaches home or at a local hotel which is rumoured to be only 5000 Baht a month. They also do all in packages with training / accommodation / food packages.

Best for: Fighters, advanced students and coaches

Prices: 10,000 Baht a Month

Lamnammoon Muay Thai Gym

Kiat Moo 9 Muay Thai - Buriram

You won't find much info online about this gym but it has one of the greatest history's of all Thai gyms. During the golden era Kiat Moo Kao was a feeder gym of young talent for the big Bangkok gyms. Gyms like "Jockey Gym" and "Pinsinchai Gym" who we call Champion Factory but in fact many of their champions were taught Muay Thai as school boys at Kiat Moo Kao in Buriram. Training here is old school and the equipment is old and basic but if you can keep up with the young Thai fighters you will learn a lot here.

Yokkao have recently sponsored / took over the gym and I am sure the facility will benefit from an upgrade as a result of this.

Super star of the One Championship "Super Lek Kiat Moo 9" trains here and there is a wonderful article on his career at Kiat Moo 9 here:

Best For: Fighters and advanced. Prepared to rough it and train hard.

Prices: 6000 Baht a Month

Kiat Moo 9 Muay Thai Gym

SitboonMee Muay Thai Gym - Buriram

30 KM North of Buriram in a small village called Ban Sot is another breeding ground for Bangkok champions SitboonMee Muay Thai Gym.

I don't have much info on this gym but rest assured it is a gym that typifies the Isaan training model of very hard work in a non luxurious environment.

They actually charge quite a lot for an Isaan Gym though. when I see Isaan gyms that are far from luxurious charging these kind of prices combined with their lack of presence on the internet, I conclude that they don't really want too many foreigners coming. This is the kind of gym where you would have to be prepared to prove yourself and train diligently for a few weeks before they would really take much notice of you.

Best For: Dedicated and serious fighters who have experience in Thailand already.

Prices: 500 Baht for 1 Session - 12,000 Baht for a Month

SitboonMee Muay Thai Gym

LookboonMee Muay Thai Gym - Buriram

40 Km east of Buriram in an area called Lam Plai Mat District where LookboonMee Gym is located. This another one of those hard core Isaan gyms with a ferocious reputation for churning out tough, skilled and ruthless champions but it may not be the ideal place for foreigners to train, especially if you do not speak Thai.

Recently the gym has found some fame with its UFC fighter Lorna LookboonMee, but, as I said with SitboonMee, in all honesty when I see Isaan gyms that are far from luxurious charging these kind of prices combined with their lack of presence on the internet, I conclude that they don't really want too many foreigners coming. This is the kind of gym where you would have to be prepared to prove yourself and train diligently for a few weeks before they would really take much notice of you.

Best For: Hardcore training for experienced fighters used to training in Thailand

Price: 20,000 Baht a Month, just for training - one of the most expensive training fees in Thailand

LookboonMee Muay Thai Gym

Wor Wattana Gym - Nakhorn Ratchasima / Korat

Wor Wattana is slightly unusual as it's focus is on being a community project as opposed to a training centre. I am sure they would welcome foreigners to come and train though. Either way the work they have done for the local community in introducing Muay Thai but also encouraging the kids to focus on education is totally inspiring.

Although it's postal address is Nakhorn Ratchasima it is actually 60 km north east of the city and it is equally as close to Khon Kaen, Roi Et and Buriram... in other words its in the middle of nowhere and very rural.

Best For: Community spirited people who are interested in supporting this amazing project

Prices: No prices are published, they are a charity and actively seeking donations

Wor Wattana Muay Thai Community Project

Kem Muay Thai Gym -The Kao Yai Mountains, Nakhorn Ratchasima / Korat

Kem Muaythai Gym is family owned and was established in 2015.

The gym is located on the mountain of Khao Yai Thiang, Nakhon Ratchasim province about 70 km east of the city.

There are two full sized boxing rings, 16 boxing bags and strength and conditioning equipment for all to use. Cool mountainous air circulates throughout the gym.

Owned and ran by former Muay Thai superstar Kem Sitsongpeenong this gym comes highly recommended by a few personal friends who I know who have had a few lengthy stays at Kem Muay Thai Gym.

The place is kind of remote so accommodation packages will be the way to go here. The website has all the prices and details including a shuttle service from bangkok.

Best For: Muay Thai immersion holiday away from it all wih a simple family homestay style.

Prices: Training only 350 baht a session. Training with accommodation weekly - 8400 Baht Monthly - 32000 Baht

Kem Muay Thai Gym

Gumpun Muay Thai - Khon Kaen City

Gumpun Muay Thai Academy was developed to recruit retired professional and passionate Muay Thai boxers.

Gumpun's philosophy is to employ ex fighters and give them an income stream doing what they love. They claim to have 23 coaches working at the gym! The gym appears to be modern and well equipped. They teach Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA.

Best for: If you are in Khom Kaen worth checking ut.

Prices: Monthly 3,900 Baht for basics 7000 Baht for advanced technique training and 9000 Baht if you want to fight for them.

Muay Thai Gyms and camps in North Eastern Thailand. Isaan area North east

Nong Khai Muay Thai - Nong Khai, 50 km north of Udon Thani

Nong Khai Muay Thai Gym, located in the charming town of Nong Khai on the border between Thailand and Laos, prides itself on being a welcoming, reputable, and well-established training facility. Situated along the majestic Meakong River, which serves as a natural divide between Thailand and Laos, this gym provides a contemporary and fully equipped environment for all enthusiasts.

Owned and operated by individuals fluent in the French language, Nong Khai Muay Thai Gym offers training programs tailored to individuals of all skill levels, ranging from beginners to aspiring fighters.

They have a range of basic accommodation and food packages.

Best For: All levels, French speakers.

Prices: Training Only - 1 Session 300 Baht, 1Weekly 2500 Baht, Monthly 9000 Baht

Muay Thai Gyms and camps in North Eastern Thailand. Isaan area North east

Kaennorsing Muay Thai Gym - Udon Thai

Made famous by legendary fighter Kaoklai Kaennorsing who won multiple Bangkok stadium titles and The World K1 Championship, this gym is most definitely worth a visit. if you are in the area. The gym is functional and has a lot of character , the instruction is world class.

The owners little daughter recently made internet fame in a boy v girl toddler Muay Thai fight that achieved tens of millions of views. You can see the match here:

Best for: All standards and fighters

Prices: Prices are not displayed but but the video mentions 250 Baht a session.

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